Your child’s foot will grow extremely Fast !!!

Your child’s foot will grow extremely Fast !!!

Your child’s foot will grow extremely Fast !!

Accept that your child’s foot will grow between school terms.

Yes, that means you might need to buy another pair every 4-6months. Expert suggests at the end of each school term, spend a couple of minutes checking the fit and wear and tear of your child's school shoes.

“It's amazing how quickly their feet can grow. You may find some years that your child's shoe will need to be replaced at the six month mark, where as other years you may be lucky to get the entire school year out of a single pair.”

While it may be tempting to wait until the end of the year, even though your child may report them feeling small in say term 3, Expert insists replacing them is important to reduce the risk of foot deformities later in life.

And also it is a big mistake for a parent to go up one size bigger so the shoes will last longer, this can be detrimental to your child's foot health.

Stick to a size that fits comfortably now and not 6months later

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