Choosing the Right School Shoes for your Child

Designed for Asian kids  


Kids don’t fully develop their foot structures until ard the age of 8. It is important to choose a pair of shoes should fit your kid’s feet for the size they are right now, not in the future.

A good shoe has a specifically designed flex point that is intended to align with the natural flex point of the foot. A shoe (even a branded one) that is too large will have a flex point in the incorrect spot, forcing the foot to bend at a point that is bio-mechanically incorrect. This can cause pain, discomfort, and other future problems.

US/European foot and Asian Feet anatomy are different. Notice Asian foot are usually broad and US/European foot are narrow and long. That is why choosing the right shoe types are important.

Most of us feel branded shoes have better R&D and they are designed with better cushions & materials. But are the shoes really designed to fit your child's feet?

But ... It Is Not Easy To Find A Pair Of School Shoes That Can Grew Up With Your Child.

Problems Most Parents Faced

LIMITED SIZES | Most brands have limited sizes range. As your child grow up, they may not have the size you want.

TOO SMALL OR TOO BIG | Most brands don't come with sizes in-between. Example: your child finds size 1 is too small but size 2 is too big, there is no size 1.5. As a result, you are forced to look for another brand.

WEIGHT | Most $10-$30 school shoes are heavier in weight and the light ones are normally branded and it is much more expensive ($50 - $90).

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Our Story

With over 50 years in the kids school tshirt & sports apparel, we heard the voice of the parents. 
We knew their problems and challenge ourselves to find a solution. With months of research and designs, we finally came out with a school shoes that answer most of the parents' concern.

We only want to offer the Best Quality product, that is why our manufacturing partner is the Best Shoes Maker in China. They are also the contract manufacturer for many International renowned sport shoes brands.   

32 different sizes

.We carry 32 different sizes with 0.5 cm increment (kids to adult size). From primary to secondary school, your child can definitely find a perfect fit  shoes. 


Super Light-weight

Your child can run around, hardly feeling any weight on his feet. Our kids size shoes are super light-weight,  only 200g per pair.  


Soft-Shell & Waterproof

Asian's feet are usually broader. That is why when comes to the materials of the shoes, we chose a soft fabric to cater for the child growing feet. The material is also waterproof, ideal for Singapore's unpredictable wet weather. 


Velcro Strap

Ideal for young kids who haven't learn to tie shoelaces

It is also an important feature for the nurses and doctors who are wearing it to work in the clinics & hospitals.


Anti-Slip Sole 

Anti-Slip sole are added to prevent slipping and falling due to wet surface.


Reflective Tape for Safety 

For Better night visibility, we had added a reflective tape at the back of the shoes.


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Our Customer's Testimonial

Dad of 9 yrs old boy
(Rivervalley Primary School)

This pair of shoes are lightweight, comfortable and quite durable. Recommended shoes for kids at school. Reasonable price. It's almost 3 months and the soles are still good.

Mom of 12 yrs old boy
(Bukit Merah Primary School)

Super Lightweight, my kid like it very much. My kid is very active, he had tried many other brands, most of them don't last for 4-6 months. This pair of shoes been more than 6 months and should be good for another 6 months & more.  

Mom of 8 yrs old boy  

My son's bata shoes lasted 1 to 2 months only. Tried other brand, same as well.  He had been wearing wundou shoes for about 2 weeks now, seem durable and should be able to last longer than the other brand he tried. He seems to like it and I like the fact that it dries very quickly.  

Dad of 7 yrs old Girl
(Northland Primary School)

These shoes are very light and she like them a lot. Her feet is board and it is uncomfortable if the shoe is hard shell type. Wundou Shoes' are soft fabric type and it is really comfortable for her. The shoes also have a wide range of sizes and she can easily find the size that fit her easily. Many brand we tried , size A is too small & size B is too big and they do not have any size in between.

(Instant $5.00 discount) Kids Super-light School Shoes

(Instant $5.00 discount) Kids Super-light School Shoes

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